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Egg incubator hatcher Rcom pro px10 automatic pre-programmed US ship free 120V
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Part Number PX-10
UPC px 10
Category Rcom Bird Incubators
Brand 110V to 120V 60Hz
Model Egg Incubator
Availability Available
Electrical Cord Plug proper to your area
Electrical Frequency 110V--120V 60H North America
Product Specs 
Warranty 2 years. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on hatchablilty of eggs. Do not expose electrical parts to water.
Condition NEW
ISBN No Egg incubator hatcher Rcom pro px10 110v
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Egg incubator hatcher Rcom pro px10 automatic pre-programmed US ship free 120V

Egg incubator hatcher Rcom pro px10 automatic pre-programmed-120V

This egg incubator includes a built in egg candler and a tray for different egg sizes. The egg incubator hatcher Rcom pro px10 automatically control the temperature, humidity, egg turning, stop egg turning on hatching days, and pre-programmed for various birds making it easy to operate.

Shipping is free to the contiguous US. Discount shipping to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other countries. Power: 110-120V 60H Cord for USA, Canada and Mexico

Egg incubator hatcher Rcom pro px10 main features:

  • Rcom pro px10 is pre-programmed for various egg species: Chicken, Peasant, other birds, quail eggs and duck. The user of the Rcom pro px10 can select "chicken" for example and find that all the incubation data are already pre-programmed with the days of incubation, days when stop turning, temperature and humidity. Additionally, under "others birds" you can program it with your desired incubation parameters.
  • Capacity 10 chicken eggs, 20 Quail size eggs and can have different eggs size on same supplied tray and at same incubation.
  • Outer minimal turning noise technology for quiet rotation mechanism.
  • Attractive design in the shape of an egg.
  • Provide large clear and transparent view-window.
  • Use one touch to separate the electronic controller assembly to allow proper machine cleaning.
  • Incorporate a hygienic parts and mechanism by combining the bottom and egg-tray which result in minimizing bacterial propagation to the unused interior parts of the incubator.
  • Provide variable air control lever for adjustment of the interior environment.
  • Employs artificial intelligence electronics and state--of-the-art controlling technology design.
  • Offer an integral candling facility.
  • Provide automatic egg rotating mechanism by employing a rotating disk method with adjustable egg rotation timing (i.e. 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours).
  • Provide the ability to adjust the egg rotation angle (full turn or partial turn)
  • Improved reliability based on the 3rd generation Temperature and humidity sensor designed in Switzerland.
  • Offer automatic humidity and temperature adjustment and setup functions.
  • Clamped structure that prevents the leakage of water inside the view-window and causes dew condensation.
  • egg tray handles simultaneously various egg sizes.
  • External water input hole and moisturizing device for easy access to the water supply.
  • Incorporated LED internal lightning.
  • Large LCD display the diverse operation information of the device.
  • Can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.
  • Alarm and visual sign to alert for abnormal temperature of high or low due to sudden internal environment change.
  • In the event the internal pre-programming becomes off. The Rcom pro px10 can be returned to factory pre-programmed default with ease.
  • Rcom Pro px10 can be re-calibrated to match the actual temperature and the humidity if the display doesn't match with the actual internal measurement.
  • Power Consumption: Average 21 W, Max 36 W.
  • Temperature limits: 20C-42C (68F - 107.6F)
  • Humidity Limits: 20 - 70% (can be changed according to the condition).
  • Weight: N.W. 1.5KG, GW. 2.5KG
  • Size: 236.5mm L x 259mm W x 172mm H
  • Egg incubator hatcher Rcom pro px10 optional parts sold separately

  • An automatic water pumping system.
  • External meter for humidity and temperature check as Digi log iii
  • Additional re-washable filter
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