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Part Number curadle-B90NO2
UPC Curadle MX-B90NO2
Category Rcom Pet Brooders
Brand 110V to 120V 60H
Model Pet ICU Incubator
Availability Available
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Electrical Frequency 110V-120V 60 Hz North America
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Warranty 2 years on electronics, but no warranty on consumable item. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on pets.
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The CURADLE B90NO2 Pet ICU Pavilion Brooder Incubator [PetICUPavilion] [CuradleB90NO2] is at the forefront of pet recovery technology, providing an exceptional oxygen therapy chamber for recovering pets. This brooder combines precision in oxygen and temperature control with comfort features, ensuring a safe healing environment.
Free Shipping & Compatibility:
Complimentary shipping across the contiguous United States.
Technical Specifications:
Customizable Oxygen Control from 21% to 40%, managed by AI technology.
Key Features:
Smart Ventilation maintaining optimal oxygen levels.
Integrated Alarm System for immediate alerts on oxygen deviations.
Versatile Multiconnector for easy connection to oxygen sources.
Nebulizer Ready interface for respiratory treatments.
Design & Convenience:
Rotatable Sliding Door for easy access and monitoring.
Pure Air Filtration for a sterile atmosphere.
Comfort Features:
Custom LED Lighting adjustable to pet preferences.
Acoustic Insulation for a peaceful environment.
Capacity & Efficiency:
Spacious Interior offering room for movement and comfort.
Optional Stacking Rack for space efficiency with multiple units.
Additional Options (Sold Separately):
Extra Tray, Build Rack, Ringer Pole Holder. Nebulizer, Oxygen Tank or Oxygen Concentrator
Important Note:
The CURADLE B90NO2 does not have cooling or dehumidification capabilities. It heats up quickly and cools down slowly due to its compact size. For close-to-room temperature settings, turn off the heating feature and may need to partially open the clear door for temperature maintenance.
Temperature Range: 68F 100.4F.
Humidity Control: 40% - 70%.
Weight: 22.1lb.
Power: 110-120V 60Hz, North American standard plug.
Internal Dimensions: 24.2"L x 17"W x 16.2"H.
Internal Volume: 13 Gallons.
Energy Consumption: Avg. 90W | Max. 150W.