Egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 220V US ship free
Part Number MX-50-220V
UPC Max 50 MX-50-220V
Category Rcom Bird Incubators
Brand 220V to 240V 50Hz
Model Egg Incubator
Availability Available
Electrical Cord Plug proper for your area
Electrical Frequency 220V-240V 50H
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Warranty 2 years. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on hatchablilty of eggs. Do not expose electrical parts to water.
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Egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 has automatic temp, humidity control and egg rolling - 220V.

The egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 is an egg incubator with automatic temperature, humidity control and egg rolling. It is easy to clean and operate - 220V.

Egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 ships free to the contiguous US. Discount shipping to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other countries.
  Power: 220 - 240V 50H and Cord for Europe. 

Egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 main features:

  • Outer temperature sensor for automatic adjustment of heating rate in relation to surrounding room temperature.
  • FND operation indication window.
  • Automatic temperature setting and control with adjustment from (20C - 42C) 68F - 107.6F (Can switch to F).
  • Automatic water level control and alert when water is empty. Use distilled water only.
  • Automatic humidity setting and control with adjustment from 20% to 70%.
  • The egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 automatic egg turning by slide mechanism in laying the eggs flat and can manually adjust the turn frequency at once every hour or every two hours or every three hours.
  • This egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 ships with a universal adjustable egg tray and dividers that can fits various egg sizes.
  • Egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 requires the operator at the start of incubation to set the number of incubation days, temperature, humidity, turning and stop turning on hatching days and start to begin the incubation. Future egg incubation runs through the prior egg incubation parameters to adjust them if needed.
  • Egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 capacity of 48 chick eggs, 24 duck eggs, 24 turkey eggs, 24 goose eggs, 48 pheasant eggs, 100 quail eggs and about 100 parrot eggs as macaw eggs or amazon eggs.
  • Enhanced reliability by using 3rd generation Swiss's sensirion technology to control temperature and humidity.
  • Digital display of temperature and humidity.
  • Simple digital operation with user-friendly controls for hobbies or professional use.
  • Strong SMPS featured power supply.
  • Thick wide double-glazed viewing window allows observation of the interior while avoiding variations in temperature and humidity.
  • Optimal air circulation technique with 3 strong BLDC fans.
  • Side plate with embossed feature for preventing skid.
  • Sturdy plastic construction is easy to clean, disassemble, assemble, and allows easy access to incubation area.
  • Heater safety and reliability features.
  • Main body locking device for safety and easy access to bottom of incubator for cleaning.
  • Safety features include circulating fan cover and electric safety shut-off switch.
  • Absolutely pleasant design and rich automatic user-friendly features make it one of the best in its class.
  • If you are looking for chicken egg incubator, duck egg incubator, pheasant egg incubator, parrot egg incubator, goose egg incubator, falcon egg incubator, quail egg incubator, and other bird incubator, and your need for about 50 chicken size eggs or equivalent, the egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 may be what you are looking for. We had a customer that purchased the egg incubator Rcom mx50 and removed the egg dividers and automatic turning tray and was able to fit twelve small size emu eggs and hand turn them due to the size.
  • Dimension (W.H.L): 633mm x 171 mm x 523 mm

  • Weight: 8 KG

  • Consumption: 48 Watts.
  • Please, use distilled water only with the Rcom incubator mx50 to avoid accumulation of mineral deposits in the humidifier.
  • Items you will receive include incubator, universal eggs tray and dividers, instruction manual and electrical cable.
  • Egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx50 optional parts sold separately on the site under Rcom parts:

  • Optional: small eggs tray, standard eggs tray, large eggs tray.


Egg incubator Mx50 is a reliable egg incubator used widely by professionals and beginners alike. It is simple to setup with enough options for most egg incubation requirements. The only thing is that you need to set a reminder for you to stop the egg turning on the last hatching days. It comes with the universal tray so you can move the spacer according to various egg sizes. The universal tray makes it ideal if you have multiple eggs sizes or egg species like chicken eggs, parrot eggs and dock eggs to incubate at the same time. If you are incubating different egg sizes and species, then set the temperature and humidity during incubation as close as possible to the average setting for all the eggs you are incubating. However, if the hatching requirements varies widely, then you may need to hatch them in a separate hatchers. However, in case you are incubating various eggs and while they fairly match the incubation parameters but differs widely in the hatching parameters and you have a separate similar machine to use as a hatcher (stop the turning) or an egg hatcher then you can one bird egg at one week and another bird egg of different hatching requirement at a later week. Therefore, you can move the first hatching eggs to the separate designated egg hatcher and when the second set are ready to hatch either leave them in the incubator and adjust the parameters, or if you have other eggs in it that are not in hatching, to clean the hatcher the separate egg hatcher to be utilized for the hatching eggs. the eggs at different weeks that is closest to all the eggs. This is a fun egg incubator especially for classroom since the observation cover is large.

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