TH sensor replacement icu incubator part no b10-a356-11
Part Number B10-A356-11
UPC TH Sensor ASM icu
Category Rcom Parts
Brand ICU Incubator Parts
Model ICU Incubator Part
Availability Available
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Warranty no warranty on parts except in case of manufacturer defect.
Condition NEW
ISBN No TH Sensor ASM-icu-600s-and-500s

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Rcom pet or bird icu incubator brooder sensor

TH sensor replacement icu incubator part no b10-a356-11. The TH sensor to detect the temperature and the humidity of the unit. This fits animal icu incubator, bird icu brooder such as Rcom bl600n, bs600n, BL500N, bs500n, bl500, bs500, b60n and b90n.